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About Us

We are a group of young artists who are passionate about opera. Experience preparing and performing operatic roles is essential to our career development so by creating our own performance opportunities, we are able to set goals that further our vocal and musical development. Having the freedom to make creative decisions about the presentation of a work, in addition to our individual roles, is crucial to developing our own artistic voices. As the drivers of our own artistic vision, we can build an understanding of what we aim to contribute to our communities as artists.  


What started off as a passion project to occupy our time during the summer of 2020, has become such a rewarding experience. Our primary goals for the project are: 1) to bring opera to those who may not have access to it, 2) to present opera that is relevant and meaningful to those with limited knowledge of the art form, 3) to present live theatre that utilizes unique settings to enhance the performance experience.

We strive to eliminate many of the barriers that we see deterring many potential opera viewers: high ticket prices, formal concert settings, exclusion of those with less prior knowledge about opera, and a perception that the narratives and music are outdated. In last summer's garden production of The Marriage of Figaro, we fostered an intimate and laid-back atmosphere. 

Through our performances, we hope we can impart our love of opera to you!

- Nóżki Opera 

Creative Team: Anna Wojcik, Vivien Illion, Benjamin Loyst, Alex Wang

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