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Our opera outreach program is being offered to elementary and middle schools (grades 4-8) in the GTA. The program has two components: an interactive workshop called “The Making of an Opera” and a live performance of Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” with a Q&A. The program will include interactive elements, so children feel like they are taking part in creating the production. 

Our adaptation of “The Magic Flute” is significantly shortened, sung in English with spoken dialogue. We have created an original libretto so that our production will be engaging and relevant to young audiences. Our storyline is modified from the original libretto: it is set in outer space and explores themes such as power and inclusion. 

The project is informed by the question: “What about our show will make a young first-time opera viewer want to see another opera?” This question drives us to nurture children’s budding interest in opera.

Please send us an email if you are interested in us bringing this opera outreach program to your child's school or the school you work at! 

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